Vanilla Active No Longer

Claremary a posted Jun 14, 13
We are no longer accepting applications for this guild.

With Twin Consorts down, Vanilla is now at 11/12 in normal tier 15!! Good job everyone!

Lohikäärme That's a nice looking room. Shame about those randomly coloured pixels in the middle though.
Ihrme dont judge my tiny screenshot D:

Iron Qon, demolished!

Szpilman x posted May 9, 13
Vanilla managed to down Iron Qon! Good job all!

Dark Animus, WASTED!

Szpilman x posted May 5, 13
The Dark Animus goes down whitin the same night as Primordius, bloody good job all! Well executed fight!

Daruun Actually I kinda liked it.
Thundertom Realm 3rd, lol! We're 2 bosses ahead of #4.
Thundertom Good job! Not a fun fight, I've heard.
Primordius goes down after 4 tries! Good job all!

Lohikäärme Are the tree and the fire elemental having a dramatic dance-off?